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The mission of the Sarcoidosis Network Foundation, Inc., is to promote education and awareness; support research to find the cure and prevention; and, to improve the quality of life for those affected by Sarcoidosis.

"Helping to Solve the Mystery of Sarcoidosis"


The foundation is organized as a non profit, 501(c) Corporation; contributions to the foundation are tax-deductible.

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11428 East Artesia Blvd, Suite #10
Artesia, CA 90701


In an effort to help himself and others who had questions concering sarcoidosis, Earl Jacobs, Jr. organized the Sarcoidosis Network (SN) in February, 1992.

Earl was definitely a "can do" kind of man. He didn't complain about sarcoidosis, instead, he started the awareness network to help solve the mystery of his disease.

To quote the founder: "Six years ago, I decided to learn all that I could abut sarcoidosis and share that information with those who have similar questions about this disease. I am particularly concerned about the lack of knowledge about sarcoidosis by many health care providers".

Earl put his work ethics to the test as he researched sarcoidosis and shared what he learned with others afflicted by this disease. He also worked tirelessly to encourage and motivate patients battling this mysterious disease. The SN has grown tremendously since its inception and now has contact with people all over the world.

In 1996, the network became the Sarcoidosis Network Foundation, Inc. (SNF). Some of his contributions by his labor of love are a quarterly newsletter, monthly support meetings, literature on sarcoidosis, an information hot line, and an Annual Awareness Day Conference and Workshop.


Medical Advisors

Bernard Hardy, M.D.
Private Practice
Pasadena, CA

Albert Niden, M.D. (Emeritus)
USC School of Medicine
Los Angeles, CA

Kamyar Afshar, M.D.
USC School of Medicine
Los Angeles, CA


Catherine Sassoon, M.D.
UCI School of Medicine
Irvine, CA
VA Medical Center, Long Beach CA

Darryl M. Sexton M.D. (Emeritus)
Long Beach Department of Health
and Human Services
Long Beach, CA



Board of Directors

Brenda Daniels

Jennifer Gibson

Ruth Jacobs

Jean Johnson-Bell

Fay Marshall

Gloviestyne Parker

Anna Titus

Charles Walker

Dorothy Walker


Vice President

Ruth Jacobs
Charles Walker
Dorothy Walker
Jean Johnson-Bell

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