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Education, support and awareness are primary missions of the Sarcoidosis Network Foundation. Because this disease attracts less attention than others, it is often difficult to obtain accurate information about it, or learn of other patients.

You will find social interaction and discussion with other patients and their supporters at our regular meetings, our annual Sarcoidosis Awareness And Education Conference, and the Foundation's Facebook page. (See the link to the right).

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In Memory of
Dr. Om P. Sharma, who passed away August, 20, 2012.

Much of the information in this section was authored by Dr. Sharma, and used here with his permission.


Dr. Raj Dasgumpta, author of Beyond The Pearls explains Sarcoidosis symptoms and treatments.

Dr. Raj Dasgupta is a quadruple Board Certified Medical doctor practicing in Southern California.

As part of its education mission, the Foundation tries to make accurate information available, including reproducing, with permission, questions and answers provided by world authority on the subject, the late Dr. Om P. Sharma.

In an effort to make more useful information available, we try to obtain permission to publish additional information here. Some of the information found here, and elsewhere, includes personal accounts of individual patients who have chosen to share their experience with others. While such accounts are reassuring, help one to become more familar with the disease, and to learn what to expect with sarcoidosis, no one reading these should construe statements about another's case as a specific diagnosis or recommendation for their own medical treatment.

Please remember that the Foundation does not make medical diagnoses, nor offer specific medical advice. For diagnosis, and treatment, please seek a qualified medical professional.

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